We may look different on the outside...

But on the inside we all long for the same thing...

​​​Radiate Beauty,
from the Inside Out

Are you ready to be so confident in your Self that nothing can stop you in having all of  the joy, peace freedom and passion you desire in your life?



Welcome to Unleash the Wild Woman Within!


Unleash the Wild Woman Within is for women who are ready to say "yes" to the inner woman who is longing to come out. Your wild woman within will deliver your dreams - unleash her.


Unleash the Wild Woman Within is for women who want to connect with and support other women - who long to sit in a sacred circle of women supporting and holding each other up in the world of business, finances, relationships and spirituality.


Unleash the Wild Woman Within is for women who want to know what they are passionate about - find out what the top passions are in your life and then live them.


Unleash the Wild Woman Within is for women who want to step up their personal life, and their business. In a different way. In a lasting way. In a congruent and aligned way.


I warn you that this experience is not for everyone. It is not for the weak at heart. It is not for those who want to coast and pretend. It is not for the ego that might want to say "look at what I did." And it is certainly not for you if you want to stay small.


Unleash the Wild Woman Within will unravel all that is binding you up and holding you hostage from living a life of freedom and pure joy. Freedom to return to something you have never been but you KNOW it's here, right now.


Within the container of this program, you will be held safely, to do what you need to do and emerge the Wild Woman of love and passion that you are.


Unleash the Wild Woman Within is for women who want to speak their truth, even if it doesn't look nice - and learn to do it with kindness.


Unleash the Wild Woman Within is where you will find financial freedom, passion in relationship and deep love of yourself - and that includes your body. It is about integrating all parts of yourself and your life.


Unleash the Wild Woman Within is for you if you are ready to shed what no longer serves, are willing to dig deep into your inner core, find the light and shine it FULL ON!

Are you ready to Unleash your dreams?


Unleash the Wild Woman Within is for the woman who wants to unleash her wild woman within. At the end of our time together, you will know you and others will know you too - the real you! Imagine what it will feel like to be really seen for who you are - not what others want you to be. That is freedom. You will be unstoppable in any dream that you desire.


Unleash the Wild Woman Within is a commitment of time, of money and of energy. If you think this might be for you, let's have a conversation! It's free and there is no obligation.


Please contact me now! (no worries about the application - it's a time for us to chat to see if this is really for you and to determine if I am right for you - it goes both ways!)

Are you ready to shine?


Do you want:

  • to know who you are so clearly that you own any room that you walk into from boardroom to bedroom?

  • to know your "sweet spot" - what you are passionate about

  • to create a sacred circle of women who will hold you?

  • to live a life of joy and freedom and love?

  • to live in truth and stop living a lie?

  • to know why you are here?

  • to be comfortable in your body? to know that all is well - no matter what is going on?

  • to be at peace in your world of business as well as your personal life?

  • to connect with your higher self?

  • to know that you know?

  • to know that you are of value and you are enough without ever having to prove another thing to anyone (especially yourself)?

  • to never worry about money again?


This is what it looks like:


We will be together for one year. We will dance, we will laugh and we will cry! This gives you time to go deep, integrate, come back up and then go deep again. It is a process and you deserve the luxury of time.  This is how it breaks down:


1 week for a Vision Quest


4 two day retreats throughout the year -Each retreat will focus on one of these areas: sweet spot (what are your passions), business and finances, relationships, body image


2 group telephone calls per month - Gain the power and the wisdom of the group


Weekly calls with your partner - Give and receive total support


10 one on one telephone calls throughout the year - Just for you


2 private half day intensives - Just for you and what you want to create in your life



We will talk about the expression of appreciation (the investment in this program)in your Discovery Session. If you have "stuff" coming up on the $, don't let it stop you from contacting me now. It is something we will talk about!



A commitment to show up, willing to do the work and willing to be you - You must be willing to take off your mask and be you.


In short, a show of determination that nothing is going to stop you from living the life you have yearned to live-a life of peace and joy and happiness, of personal fulfillment, spiritual realization, and creative contentment.


What you will gain for your investment in yourself is Time, Money and Energy!


What you put out will return to you, multiplied in magnificent ways. I am very serious about the women who are in this program, which is why it is an application process. I want you to know, and to be sure that you will be with women who are making a deep commitment to not only themselves, but to the group as well. And since this is such a big time commitment, we both need to make sure that you are willing to create the time and space for unleashing.


Ready to find out if this is for you?  Let's Connect and talk about it!  Just fill out this form and I will get right back to you...


"Maria's work is sacred and powerful. What a joy to look in the mirror and see what is right and beautiful vs. what is wrong or lacking. Thank you Maria!"


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