Putting the Force of Nature Behind YOU

Vision Quest

Are You Ready To Get Real?

  • Are you ready to dig in, be on the land and let nature teach you? 

  • Are you ready to find you?

  • Are you ready for a Vision Quest? A journey into your Sacred Self?

The Vision Quest has been done for centuries by all of the Masters. It is one of the oldest and most profound ways to discover your path.


We are always seeking something outside of ourselves so we can live a happier, more joyful, peaceful life.  A vision quest, (sometimes known as vision fast) is a time of going inward, seeking something inside of ourselves.  Seeking to know "who am I?"  Seeking to know "why am I here?"  Seeking to know "what is my gift?"  It is a time of being on the land and allowing nature to teach you and help you to see who you are..


A vision quest is soul work and is a journey into your Sacred Self.



Let Nature Teach You - What Does That Mean?

Here is one example:  Nature is our true mirror, a reflection of life.  We all have stuff going on inside of us and often, we don't let it out.  We live a "nice" life, stuff down what is uncomfortable and continue on.


When we get angry, we stuff it and don't feel emotion. It is important to clear what's up.  When a storm is raging and the wind is blowing and the thunder is roaring, it is a force of nature and that storm clears the air - literally.  After the storm, the sun comes back out, the air is fresher and there's even a good chance of a rainbow.  The world doesn't fall apart, it comes back into alignment.  The same is true for us.


We don't fall apart (although it may seem that we might) when we unleash what has been pent up.

That's why it's important to have a guide to help guide your through the process.


Couple's Quest

This quest is for couples who are looking to deepen and enrich their relationship. The couples quest includes time alone, time with each other as a couple and time with other couples. It is designed to help you to explore your own inner depths, and for each person to do their own "work" and then come together as a couple, strong and ready to stand powerfully in the love that they have created. It creates a very powerful "WE!"


This is a profound journey - there is nothing sexier or hotter than to witness your partner going inward and coming out knowing who they really are. You just have to trust me on this one!


This fast is co-facilitated by Maria Bucaro and  Clif Weldon, my husband and Vision Quest guide.


The Inward Journey

This quest is for anyone who is marking a rite of passage. Are you having a birthday with a zero on the end? Are you entering/ending a relationship? Are your children becoming adults? Are you becoming an adult?


This quest is for anyone who is wanting to go deeper and explore what is going on deep inside. "Who am I? Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing? What am I dying to? What is calling to be born?"


This fast is co-facilitated by Maria Bucaro and  Clif Weldon, my husband and Vision Quest guide

Birthing Your Business

This quest is especially valuable if you are in direct sales. If you are in the business of selling, this is for you.


This quest is usually orgaized and tailored for you and your team. You will you go in deep on your own personal journey and then you will learn how to come together as a team - individual and team medicine!


Where are you going in your life? What is your passion and how do you want to express it? There is great value in getting away from phones and the computer to create and bring forth your ideas.


The mountain is a space of pure creativity and in this space your genius is awakened!


This fast is facilitated by Maria Bucaro and Clif Weldon, my husband and Vision Quest Guide.

Love Your Body Now

This quest is for women who are done with fighting the battle of negative self image. We will focus on where the negative thoughts came from and eliminate them, question and answer "what is beautiful" and "who defines what is beautiful." You will become comfortable in your skin, you will laugh, you will cry and you will bond with women as you never have before.


The time on the mountain is time that is spent just being and reflecting all that nature has to offer you. This time is healing, in and of itself.


This fast is facilitated by Maria Bucaro

Image by Vince Chafin


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