Putting the Force of Nature Behind YOU

Vision Quest

A Wilderness Rite of Passage, a Vision Quest, is a Ritual Death and Rebirth

Before embarking on a Vision Quest, many issues may have already come to the surface for you to examine. You have a sense of knowingness that there is something more in store for you and your life. 


There is a tug at your heart and the tug and the knowingness becomse stronger and stronger until it finally can no longer be ignored.


The soul is screaming out for purpose, direction, clarity, focus, meaning and most of all, for a connection with a higher power and tapping into infinite wisdom. A persistent yearning for answers to question that come from deep within one’s being, the need to discover what has heart, truth and meaning in your life.


What must you die to in order to welcome in, to birth, what is longing deep inside of you?


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Image by Vince Chafin

“The wilderness holds answers to more questions than we have to ask!” – Nang Newhall

Your guides, Maria & Clif

Let Nature Teach You - What Does That Mean?

Here is one example:  Nature is our true mirror, a reflection of life.  We all have stuff going on inside of us and often, we don't let it out.  We live a "nice" life, stuff down what is uncomfortable and continue on.


When we get angry, we stuff it and don't feel emotion. It is important to clear what's up.


When a storm is raging and the wind is blowing and the thunder is roaring, it is a force of nature and that storm clears the air - literally.  After the storm, the sun comes back out, the air is fresher and there's even a good chance of a rainbow.  The world doesn't fall apart, it comes back into alignment.  The same is true for us.


We don't fall apart (although it may seem that we might) when we unleash what has been pent up.


That's why it's important to have a guide to help guide your through the process.


  • Are you ready to dig in, be on the land and let nature teach you? 

  • Are you ready to find you?

  • Are you ready for a Vision Quest? A journey into your Sacred Self?


The Vision Quest has been done for centuries by all of the Masters. It is one of the oldest and most profound ways to discover your path.


We are always seeking something outside of ourselves so we can live a happier, more joyful, peaceful life.  A vision quest, (sometimes known as vision fast, wilderness rite of passage) is a time of going inward, seeking something inside of ourselves.  Seeking to know "who am I?"  Seeking to know "why am I here?"  Seeking to know "what is my gift?"  It is a time of being on the land and allowing nature to teach you and help you to see who you are..





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Maria is a member of the Wilderness Guides Council