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For Business/Corporate

Based on the book "Bankruptcy Into Abundance."  Maria covers how to grow a business, starting from nothing  to growing a mulit-million dollar business in less than two years. Important lessons on how important it is to trust in yourself, what it takes to be a great manager and employer and what it takes to inspire a sales team.  




For anyone who feels lack.  You can flourish and be wealthy in all areas of you life - financially, emotionally, spiritually or physically!  You can go from bankruptcy into abundance when you know the tools to use.


A woman's body shape dominates her whole life - for many of us it has become an obsession.  "Shed what is keeping you from totally loving yourself and your body.  Shed those negative thoughts and beliefs that keep you trapped into believing that you are not enough."  This is a hands on experiential experience that will transform the way you think about your body - and as a result how you think about money!  Why not create a beautiful image of yourself?



Self confidence is everything. If we do not have conficence in ourselves, it becomes clear to our customors and clients. Self confidence defines us - who we are, what we do and how we communicate.


Learn where the blocks are, change them and become successful in every area of your life - especially in your sales and the financial prosperity that comes with self confidence.


Especially great for Realtors, Network Marketers, Insurance Professionals


We all walk around wearing different masks throughout the day.  We have our work/business mask, our parent mask, our friend mask.  All are valuable and can be overused.  It's time to remember the truth about who you really are, what you really want and live authentically from that place, even in the work place - and how to identify the masks that others are wearing.