Personal Guidance

Feel the Peace in Knowing Who You Are...

For the Executive, For the Leader - For the Woman

Personal Guidance


Everyone deserves personal guidance - even great leaders and great coaches who are out there leading the way.  Guidance that can be trusted and held in confidentiality.


In one-on-one personal guidance, we dive deep into your life; body image, finances, business, relationships and finding your vision.  We find out what is blocking you in all of those areas, slay the beast that keeps you stuck and we celebrate the magic that is your life!


We will meet for a full day or a half day intensive, in person.  When we meet in person, we are out in nature using the land to ground us to take us even deeper.


We meet through a series of private sessions, either in person or on the phone.  It is flexible and we work around your schedule.


Together, we work on the inner work of your growth and the outer actions that will create the result that you desire.  Together, we explore and design the life you are destined to create!


I have invested in my own personal guidance with a great coach.  I know what it has done for me, so I stand solidly and unwavering when I say "Invest in yourself by investing in me."  We all need someone to hold us to our highest and best, whether it is in a group or in private one-on-one sessions.  You deserve to live the life of your dreams.  Let's talk to find out where you are, where you want to be and let's get that gap closed.


If you are ready to unleash your wild woman and create a life of knowing yourself and loving who you are, creating and keeping financial abundance, creating a deep sense of peace and knowing that there is always enough time, deep connections and an abundance of love, get in touch with me now!