Medicine Walk



Sit under this tree with us and connect before and after your solo held with the love of the trees and each other...connect and feel the magic!

Sit in a Circle - Be Seen and Be Heard

The perfect blend of community time and solo time. Loneliness is reaching epidemic proportions.  We do not connect as we used to and the end result is loneliness.  We are not seen and we are not heard.  If this is true for you, join us as we come together to be seen and heard.



Business Quest-ions?  Financial Quest-ions? 

Life Quest-ions? Relationship Quest-ions?

There are so many questions that come up in our daily lives. 

  • What should I do next?

  • How do I take my business to the next level?

  • What is the "right" thing to do?

  • Am I on the right path?

  • Am I living my purpose?

  • Where's my money?

  • How do I show up in my relationships?


Stillness is the magic of the modern day medicine walk.  Be still and know...this is where the answers lie, the power for any change is often in stillness.  Nature is the perfect place to come, be still and find your real self.  The self that so often gets lost in the busy-ness of life.


Your medicine is your gift and it is anything that is healing to you, your mind and your body and it is a gift that you will share with your people.


What are the animals, trees, rocks and birds telling you?  What is your inner guidance telling you?


Medicine walks are a great tool to go within  to see what is wanting to be told to you.  It is about taking the time to walk, sit, meditate, swing in a hammock and be aware of the signs around you.


During a medicine walk, you find a place where you can spend time alone, walking, sitting and meditating in nature with as few distractions from civilization as possible. You focus on an important personal issue and seek wisdom and guidance in nature by looking for symbolic meaning from the things you observe.

A medicine walk, also known as a day hike or earth walk, is like a mini vision quest.  During your quiet, meditative walk in nature, you pay attention to what you see and feel in order to find your medicine.  Answers to long asked questions may appear.  After your solo time on the land, you come back and join the circle  to tell your story.


The medicine walk is a journey upon the face of the earth, a ceremony of preparation, a pilgrimage through the mirror of nature.  In  the natural world, signs and symbols of your inward journey are reflected.


Trail to the Sacred Mountain, StevenFoster & Meredith Little) 

What Inner Secrets Want to be Expressed?

The medicine walk is a great practice to get answers to questions that may not come easily because of the busy-ness of life.  Sometimes we need to quiet the mind and open our ears and heart space which  are not always open...What inner truths are longing to come out?  What is your medicine?