Consider having Maria Bucaro, speaker, come to speak to your group.  Consider Maria  Bucaro as your speaker because something magical happens in the room when Maria takes the stage.


Are you planning a conference or event?  Would you like to add workshops and retreats for your group?  Would you like to bring in someone who is unique and not just "like everyone else"?

Hiring a speaker is an awesome, but also a huge job.  If it is your responsibility, you know a big part of the success or failure of your event will be the speaker you bring in. 


Having Maria as your speaker will help you to ensure success! If you want your audience to create a shift in their lives regarding money or body image - and yes they are related - then getting Maria into your event will get that job done.

Maria can relate to your audience.  She has gone from self-loathing and "yucking" herself every time she looked into a mirror, to smiling and loving what she sees.  And it has nothing to do with dieting and suffering while working out.  It has everything to do with knowing the Goddess that lives within.

Maria not only wrote Bankruptcy Into Abundance, she has lived it.  She went from filing bankruptcy to owning a multi-million dollar company with over 100 employees in as little as two years.  Maria teaches how to create the life that each participant yearns for and to slay the beasts that keep them from having it.

Maria's compelling programs are designed to help people break through their own limiting beliefs to produce extraordinary results, in less time, with less effort, and much more fun.

Maria's unique real life experience as a Vision Quest Guide and one who's "done it" provides perspective, knowledge and passion to the participants.  She inspires people at a deep and authentic level.  You'll get a program that's heartfelt, fast-paced, and fun.

Please check out Maria's talk topics.  These topics  appeal to anyone who is looking to grow in all ways - financially, spiritually and emotionally.