Laugh, Cry, Dance, Connect, Transform 
3 Day Retreat

Love YourBody Now! Retreat

"You are already good.  Very good.  You are more than enough. You are not broken and you do not need to be fixed.  You are beautiful now - right now.  You do not need to be less of who you are - it is about being more of who you are.  Now."     Maria Bucaro

Do You Ever Look in the Mirror and Say?

  • Yuck!!!

  • What's wrong with me?

  • Oh my God, I can't believe I look like this!


Connect With the Real You!

When you connect to the part of you that is, and always has been, whole and complete, there is nothing that can hold you back. This is your deepest feminine essence, regardless of what has happened to you, or what you have chosen to believe about yourself.


“Love Your Body Now!" workshops and retreats are an invitation into the full potential of being a woman. This work transforms your relationship with yourself, with your loved ones, and with the world.


Through the safety and sacredness of sisterhood, you can relax deeply into your true nature. You will recognize the preciousness of your own being, and the beauty and power that lies at the heart of every woman.


  • Come and shed the weight of self-hate and gain the Yummy-ness of Goddess-ness!

  • Come and embody your feminine beauty,  your radiance and deep inner love for yourself!

  • Come and connect with women, knowing that a sisterhood is created when you share from that deep place inside of you - when you take off the maks that keeps you separate.

Maria Bucaro

Would You Like To

  •  Fall deeply in love with your beautiful feminine, sensuous body?

  •  Find your true voice, and discover your Spiritual Warrior - your Wild  Woman?

  •  Know your true self worth and innate female power?

A Powerful Initiation

This three-and-a-half-day intensive is a powerful initiation for any woman into her true self.

Some of the issues you can expect to heal in this workshop are:

  •  Release the cloak of shame and unworthiness that has kept you small and limited

  •  Release old feelings of pain and anger that keep you stuck in the past

  •  Release painful judgments and condemnation of your body

  •  Release fears of intimacy with yourself, other women, and men


Some of the benefits you can expect to gain in this workshop are:

  •  Find a deep love and acceptance of yourself and others

  •  Have the courage to speak your truth and own your worth

  •  Experience joy, and celebrate your sensual self

  •  Live a fully embodied life with passion, power, and Grace

  •  Claim, and live, your fullest potential as Woman

  • Gain peace that come with ultimate freedom to be fully you

When a woman embraces all aspects of herself, her heart expands and she is full of possibility. This is an initiation into your deepest feminine essence!


 Laugh Cry Dance Connect Transform


Dear Friend and Beautiful Woman - Yes, YOU,

A large part of unleashing the wild woman within you, is owing your body.  Your wild woman would never disrespect the body that carries her in this world.

Get ready to unleash the wild woman within you and love your body.

Have you tried and tried to feel ok about your body, much less tried to love your body?  But just can't because you don't like how it looks - actually hate it?


Are you always hiding it, trying to change it (endless dieting), trying to figure out what type of surgery would cure it forever?

Do you deeply desire to feel attractive and be comfortable in your own skin and are worried that you never be good enough, thin enough or young enough? and may even believe that your business or career will suffer because of your body?  Or believe you will lose your man if you don't look a certain way?

Are you having a tough time shaking your belief that you have to look a certain way to be beautiful and attractive?

Right now, deep inside, you have this feeling that a breakthrough really is possible when it comes to being comfortable in your own skin...but then you look at the models in a magazine or see a movie where every actress is perfect and you know there is no way you will ever look like that - your past experiences are filled with unhealthy and unrealistic role models of what beauty is.  Are there new younger more vital women coming into the workplace and you don't think you can compare to them?

Hi, I'm Maria - and I want you to know that you are not alone.  My whole life has been filled with "yucking" how I looked when I would look in the mirror- or see my reflection in a store window as I walked past.  Or hiding my body form my husband because I didn't think he would love me if he really saw me naked.  I was full of self-loathing.  Even when I was 18 and weighed 118 pounds, I still thought I was too fat and could be better.  Sometimes I directed that loathing at others - looking other women up and down, judging how they stacked up on the beauty scale - and the bathroom scale.  No, I am not proud of that.

It wasn't all that long ago that I let other people define what is sexy or beautiful - and I never measured up.  I haven't forgotten what it was like to be on the endless diet of deprivation and starvation to lose weight, but only to regain it as soon as I started to eat "normal again.  I always prepared two meals for my family - real food for them, some diet fad for myself.  My guess is that you know a lot of women like me, like you.

Do you know that according to a survey taken by Glamour magazine, 97% of all women have abusive thoughts about their bodies on a daily basis?  In fact, the survey reported that young women recorded an average of 13 brutal thoughts about their bodies each day.  I say:  ENOUGH!

You know, each time I would look in the mirror and say nasty things in my head about how I looked, I was really creating more of that.  More of what I didn't like.  Here are some of the things I would say to myself and what other women have told me they have said to themselves - which ones do you say to yourself?


  • "I hate my thighs.  I hate my stomach.  I hate my arms.  I have huge legs and a fat stomach, ugghh."

  • "Yuck! What's wrong with me?  I can't believe I look like this.  When did this happen?"

  •  "If I had bigger/smaller breasts, men would like me - then I would be sexy."

  •  "If I only looked like her, I would be happy.  When I gain/lose weight, I will go the the beach and have fun."

  • "Who would want to have sex with this?  I am not pretty enough to attract anyone.  No wonder no one loves me."

  • "I am so scrawny and skinny and totally messed up.  I'm ugly.  Too skinny.  I look sick and icky."

  • "My nose is so big, no one will want to be seen with me.  My toes are so disgusting."

  •  "My body is so hairy, no one will want to touch it, let alone see me naked.  Gross."


Sound all too familiar?  Would you like to stop this insanity?  I did.  I didn't know it was insanity at the time.  In fact, I didn't even know that I had a problem with negative body image.  It thought it was normal to talk to myself like that.


And then I had an experience that changed me and changed the way I thought about myself.  I had an experience that snapped me awake from the brutality and abuse I was laying on myself.  From the pain, transformation happened and I have been on a journey that has taken me into new ways of being and new ways of thinking, not only about myself, but about other women as well.

The journey included writing a book and creating workshops and retreats that work to transform women in a powerful way.  Here is an excerpt form the book:

"Where did it come from that we need to be thin to be beautiful?  We grew up with dolls that relayed what beauty is supposed to be to us.  Even though it is impossible to look like Barbie, this is the image that taught us what beauty is. 

Of course, there are the magazine ads that we are bombarded with that tell us what beauty is.  And here is the kicker.  Even knowing that no one really looks like that, we still strive to look like that.  And we think less of ourselves if we don't look like that.  Even knowing that all of the ads are airbrushed to take away wrinkles and lines, airbrushed to take away chuncks of legs, hips and stomach to make the model appear to be thinner - even knowing that, we still think less of ourselves because we don't measure up and look like that.

Why?  Damned if I know.  You thought I was going to have some great answer, right?  I really don't know.  And I am done worrying to figure it out.  I am done with being not enough, separate from who I am.  I am done with not being happy in my body, and I am really done with someone else telling me what I am and what I am not.  I am done with not loving me because someone else has other ideas as to what is beautiful  I am done trying to look like someone that I am not.  I am done thinking that the only way to be sexy and wanted is to have a flat stomach along with long, straight, thick hair.  I am done!

What is important is that we stop buying into the marketing schemes that assault us on every level.  We must stop the insanity of believing that if we purchase that car, we will look like "they do."  Even worse, if we purchase that car we will be happy.  We must stop the insanity of buying into "thin is beautiful."  We must stop the insanity of thinking "if I could only look like "her," my life would be great."  We must stop the insanity of buying products that don't work, but give the promise of looking younger, as if that is what life is all about!  I am done.  I am done letting the advertisers rule what I think is beautiful and sexy.  I am done.

I realize that I am not going to change the billion dollar business of marketing over night, if at all.  Of course, I would like to see more companies creating marketing campaigns that speak to women as real women.  I would love to see more TV characters that look like real women look.  It may happen at some p
oint, but I don't see it happening any time soon.  That means it is up to me to determine what I think, and not buy into some male executive's idea of what I should look like, or aspire to.  And maybe, just maybe by all of us standing in our Truth of what is beautiful we will change the way business and marketing is done in the future, for our daughter's daughters.

Getting my yummy Goddess Groove on means that I define what is beautiful.  My beauty is defined by me.  I am beautiful."

Would you like to define what is beautiful?  We will  bring movement and dance as a way to go deep within and anchor the changes that occur.  We have found a way for women to step into loving their bodies and end the negative self-talk, to lose the weight of self-hate, and yes, to gain the yummy-ness of Goddess-ness!


Connect Dance Laugh Cry Transform

Who is the Love Your Body Now! weekend retreat for?  


It’s for you if you’ve tried the usual “tips and tricks” to try and have the "perfect" body and failed.


It's for you if you are:

  • Sick and Tired of of feeling not good enough

  • Sick and Tired of constantly thinking about which new diet might finally work

  • Sick and Tired of making two dinners - one for your family and a "salad" for you

  • Sick and Tired of constantly disrespecting your body

  • Sick and Tired of comparing your body to women on the TV/movie screen and always falling short

  • Sick and Tired of feeling shame about your body


It's for you if you see the beauty in others - but not in yourself.


It's for you if you obsess about how you look - and are never happy about it.

It’s for you if you are a spiritual and successful woman from anywhere in the world - but feel you are lacking when it comes to your body.

It's for you if you want break free of self-loathing and shame and choose to stand in your own Goddess (and I'm not talking about new age, airy- fairy, flowy dress stuff - although that may be you!) I'm talking about full on, standing in your Divine essence of who you are energy.  The God-ness that you are.

It's for you if, when you notice that there is a swimming pool at the Oasis Retreat Center where we will be, you cringed and thought that you should not come because you just might have to put on a swim suit. (say bye-bye- to those days!)



 Break Free From the Past!

The Love Your Body Now!  Retreat is a life changing event where you will begin to turn on your Goddess-ness and meet a room of like minded women (only) that are on the same page as you! Who have suffered the shame of self-hate and are ready to Dance with the Divine!

At this safe and caring workshop, you will:


 Dance   Laugh    Cry    Connect   Transform


Discover the surprising truth about how your past and your current surroundings have literally programmed you for hating your body, and learn the amazing method to break free of that — once and for all.


FINALLY kick that pain and old baggage of  how you "think" you should look to the curb. You’ll be shocked at how much fun our Processes are…many women say they feel ten pounds lighter afterwards!

Get in touch with an inner power to take a stand for yourself and never settle for less than being treated as the Goddess that you are!


Uncover the hidden limiting beliefs that have been keeping you from not loving who you are and keeping you into a life filled with "not enough."  You will gain insight into your life and you will adopt powerful new beliefs so that you’ll be free to be who you really are.     

When you attend this eye-opening and heart-opening weekend workshop you’ll see how much fun it is to have other women supporting and believing in you as you step up and claim a new life for yourself. You can do it. We’ll show you how. At the workshop you’ll also:

  • Plug those energy leaks once and for all, and save time, pain, heartache, and money wasted on “retail therapy” and "crash diets" and "too much surgery."  End the idea that you are not enough.

  • Discover “Loo and Be - your self-talk friends” that will protect you from being held back — consciously or unconsciously — by those around you (even well-meaning but clueless friends).

  • Uncover the hidden limiting beliefs that have been keeping your thoughts about what is sexy and beautiful and adopt powerful new beliefs that will add total fun and joy into your life.

  • Learn how to think like a Goddess NOW.

  •  Step into a new future for yourself with new possibilities, new choices, new friends, new ways of thinking, and new relationship possibilities. Why are you waiting to claim the life of your dreams?

  •  With our expert guidance, a proven process, and the support of a loving and like-minded community at this weekend, you can step into a new future for yourself that includes professional success, vibrant health, and truly loving your body — a profoundly satisfying life.

You can change your life NOW!

 Be in a loving, supportive community of amazing spiritual women. They will hold you in your higher self and some of them may become friends for life!

Your past does not have to equal your future!  Heartbreak. Betrayal. Disappointment. Emotional Wounds…you can change your life, and the lives of your children (especially your daughters).


Commit to yourself, commit to a new future.


Ready to Commit?

Are you ready to  shed the weight of self-hate and get into the yummy-ness of the weekend ...

Yes, it's your turn to finally create a life that you love...and a body that you love!
           is likely that you have other important things going on in your life.  The questions is...when do YOU, and your desires, and your dreams get to be one of those important things?  If you're feeling resistance right now, don't worry, that's normal.  When you are at the point of realizing that what you have been doing has not been working and you are ready to have a different outcome, you will have to take different actions, which can often feel pretty uncomfortable. 

Is is time to shake things up in your life?  This Love Your Body Now! Retreat will heal, transform, and empower you do do just that like nothing you have done before. No matter what your age, weight or skin color or whatever perceived lack you are coming from, if you are ready to come and play and dance - if you are ready to make some changes in your life, then this Retreat will help you to create the next great chapter in your life!  This Retreat is created from our heart, refined by research and experienced by women, just like you and it just plain works.  Join us - you will be glad you did!

More Questions?  Contact me

What Past Participants are Saying


"Very heartfelt. I walked away with love, love, love of self"

"I received so much value...OMG! The self-image that I have - I am choosing. And right now I am choosing to love who I am and I get to decide that I am beautiful right now!"

"I look at myself differently when I look in the mirror and that feels so good. I am also taking pictures of myself and actually liking them! Even the naked ones!"

"This has been one of the most inspirational and fulfilling things I've allowed myself in a very long time. Thank you."

"I am leaving with "less" and that is a good thing! I let go and I now feel appreciated as a woman - no as a Goddess! I feel more confident in all parts of my life. I am so much more that what I ever thought. I am soooo enough!"

"The dancing was embarrassing at first. By the end of the day I was dancing like I owned my body and there was absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. Thank you for giving me back my body and my Goddess energy."

"I feel so much lighter! Releasing all of that judgment was wonderful. You are changing the world - thank you."

"I loved this! It could have been longer because I did not want to leave. It was magical."

"Maria  really helped model the exercises with their own stories. I felt safe to explore what my stories were. It was so healing to be with other women and to hear their stories - they are not so different from mine. I loved being with these women and sharing and helping each other to see the beauty that we are."

"This event was sacred and powerful. What a joy to look in the mirror and see what is right and beautiful vs. what is wrong or lacking. Thank you Maria!"



If your questions are not answered here, please contact me  here or call 805-258-8300 

Q.  Why do I have to apply?  What's that about?
A.  The application process is really a discovery session.  It's about finding out if this is right for you, at this time in your life.  This retreat is not about "therapy," however we do go deep into the inner world.  We want to make sure that you are ready to jump in and be present.  When we come together we will form a sacred container for the whole weekend and it needs to be a safe place to come.  It will also give you a chance to know more about me and Kate so that you can decide if this something you want.


Q: Will there be hundreds of people at this retreat?

A:  This is a retreat for you, not a seminar. There is a big difference between the two.  A retreat is a time and a place for you to get away from your normal routines so that you  have a safe and sacred place to look deep inside. There are many wonderful events/seminars that attract hundreds or even thousands of people due to the star power of some of the presenters. And while the information is great, this is not that!

This is a hands on, experiential weekend.  We love intimacy and getting to know each person, so at our retreat, we only have 16 seats available. This way, you will have time and space to ask your questions, go deep, share on an intimate level and connect with others in the community.

Q: Is this retreat for women only?

A: Yes, this is for women only.

Q: Can you guarantee that I’ll really love my body when I leave?

A: Only you have the power to decide to love your body and you can choose to do that right now.  We offer you a safe and caring environment to delve into what is keeping you from making the choice to love your body.  We can guarantee that we offer tremendous value in what we teach. We create the space for you to make profound discoveries about yourself. We are fully convinced that what you learn at the Love Your Body Now! Retreat can cause massive mindset and heartset shifts.


Q: I have read your book and you talk about being naked a lot.  Will we have to get naked?

A:  Another really good question!  When I talk about being naked, I am talking about being vulnerable.  So will you have to be vulnerable? In our retreat, as in all of and our work, no one ever has to do anything.  You can pass on any process and you can pass on sharing.  You can pass.  But what we have found is if you are passing, maybe you are also passing on the amazing life you can be creating. As the saying goes, “How you do one thing is how you do everything.”


Some of our clients have shared that they feel embarrassed or ashamed not only about their bodies, but how they feel about their bodies.  We are all in the same boat of, somewhere in our lives, we were instilled with "not enough."  We are going to bust that myth wide open and slay the beast of not enough. 

Are you ready to be vulnerable and shed the mask you wear?


Q: Where is the retreat being held?

A: The Oasis  in Santa Barbara, CA  It is a private retreat center, we will be the only ones there. (and it could be at Dancing Deer Farms, a beautiful retreat center in Templeton, CA - in the heart of wine country!)

Q: What are the hours?

A: 5:00 Friday – 1:00 pm Sunday


Q: Will I have my own private room?

 A:  You will get to share a room with one of your sister Goddesses.  You may want to take advantage of the "Bring a friend offer" to share not only your room, but the whole experience!