Delighted with what is as it is - really.



This is a new retreat that I am creating that has come out of my journey of the past two years. A journey of jumping off of the clif and landing softly and expansively. 


We will delve into:


 Freedom...what is it?


      who or what?


                the truest sense


Why Forgiveness does not work... 


If just this little bit intrigues you, contact me for more information.


Come join me for a casual couple of days exploring being delighted with what is - as it is!


  • Connection

  • Medicine Walk

  • Dancing

  • Enjoying good food together

  • Time to BE



Join me in a living room setting, in beautiful surroundings. 


Come to Dancing Deer Retreat Center for time to BE.


There will be time for connection, movement/dance, sharing ideas, food & wine and time on the land.


Come and explore what freedom really is, why you don't have what you think you want and find out how to live a delightful life, right now.

Want to chat before signing up?  Send me a message and I will get right back to you...

The Details:

Arrive:  Friday

Between 4:00 - 5:00

Depart:  Sunday at 1:00

Where: Dancing Deer - 2975 Vineyard Dr. Templeton, CA

Includes: Light meal Friday, Breakfast, Lunch, & Snacks Saturday. Breakfast Sunday. Comfy Bed for good sleep! Plenty of deer. Plenty of land. Plenty of beauty. Plenty of Connection.

Bring: Sense of wonder and play, comfy clothes, one meal to share Saturday night.

Expression of Appreciation: $395