I am a guide who inspires and empowers you to live a life of joy and freedom by engaging in all of your senses and unleashing the wild woman that lives within you. 


I pride myself on being a unique speaker and facilitator.  Audiences and women in my circles can relate because I show up willing to be vulnerable, authentic and real.  I show up willing to laugh at the craziness that we are at times.  I show up willing to be light and funny and I speak the truth. 


I love to connect the world of relationships, finances and business with the ancient wisdom of spiritual teachings.  This is where the magic happens.  We are all spiritual beings and that doesn't change when we enter the world of relationships, finances or business.  


My intention for every talk, whether it is on stage, at the coffee shop or in the board room, is for my message to come straight from my heart and penetrate the soul because truth is spoken.


I teach from real life experience, using the same principles that transformed my past pain and struggle into a life of inspiration, purpose, and success.


26 years ago I filed for bankruptcy and that's where my research began. I built a multi million dollar business by using and practicing  some of the most powerful strategies in business, leadership and sales.  A business was built with over 100 employees within two years of filing bankruptcy.

The business flourished - until I lost confidence in myself.  I remember the moment so clearly. I decided that even though the money was flowing and there were a lot of happy people working all around me in jobs that I created, I believed that I did not deserve this level of success.  I thought that I needed someone from the outside to come in and consult with me to tell me how to run this business. That was the beginning of the end of that business.


Even though I lost that business, losing millions because I lost myself, I am proud of that accomplishment,.

I found that no matter what is going on outside of me, what really matters is what is going on inside of me.

I found that overcoming financial bankruptcy was not enough.  I realized that to focus only financial health did not equal a life of love and happiness.  I began studying and integrating the great spiritual teachings as well.  That led me to becoming a Wilderness Guide and a licensed Religious Science Practitioner - a licensed spiritual counselor.

I found that no matter how much  we have in material possessions, or what our accomplishments are, if we don't love ourselves, it becomes a very lonely and unfulfilled life.  


As I began living a life knowing Spirit, I found that I was not congruent.  When I would say "Namaste," (the Divine in me seeing the Divine in you), I would not really see the Divine in me.  I was not happy about my body or the way I looked.  I would "dis" myself every time I looked in the mirror.  


When I had a direct experience of the Truth of who I am, my world changed.  I shifted.  It was so profound for me that I wrote the story in my book,  Love Your Body Now! 

I have put together my accumulated wisdom and I am inspired to share and guide you in releasing the old and limiting beliefs and embracing who you REALLY are.  From this point you can create the business, the relationship and the self-love that is there, waiting for you to embrace.


My message screams to awaken you to knowing that you create the life you have and you have the power to choose from infinite possibility.

I love to create sacred space, hang out in nature as well as at the Coffee Bean. I love to dance around a fire as well as dipping on a dance floor!  I married a fabulous man a few years ago on a beach in Santa Barbara and our first dance was to Louis Armstrong's "Wonderful World".  I believe we live in a wonderful world and life is to be lived and savored in each moment that is now, no matter how big or how small.


My core values are kindness and love and I know that everything flows from there.



I love to guide and facilitate women, especially women in the business world to lead and work from the knowing of who they are...integrating the world of business with the world of spirit and creating a heart centered environment where everyone thrives. I lead groups (men and women) on Vision Quests - Nature based rites of passage and bring the wisdom of nature into the world of business in order to create the most effective leadership experience.


I love to teach the way and wisdom of council for all forms of meetings - personal and business - in order to bring forward the most creativity and inspiration available for everyone to contribute to the whole.


I love being a member and siting on the board of The Wilderness Guides Council, which is dedicated to the idea that wilderness is the root source of our spiritual values, inspiration and healing.


The Wilderness Guides Council is also committed to reintroducing meaningful rites of passage to modern culture and thereby helping to create and maintain a sustainable society.




PERSONAL GUIDE - Your biggest fan!


"The purpose of my life is to shimmer and to radiate love to those around me through my dance of life"

Maria lives her purpose by:


*Living BIG and releasing small thoughts and ideas.  This inspires and empowers people to awaken to their own creative power and Divine presence and an inner knowing of their own greatness.


*Living without regret - jumping into any situation with love and abandon!   Her example helps to guide people to transcend fear, limiting beliefs, distorted perceptions of their body and self worth.


*Living with kindness.  Not just with those around her, but with herself as well.  Living with kindness is living with love.