We may look different on the outside...


But on the inside we all long for the same thing...

Maria Bucaro

Shimmering Now!

Are you ready to be so confident in your Self that nothing can stop you in having all of  the joy, peace freedom and passion you desire in your life?


  • Do you want to look in the mirror and feel the joy of self-acceptance?

  • Do you want to feel awesome every time you get dressed?

  • Do you want to move past whatever is stopping you from being all that you are?

ShimmeringNow  honors your unique essence and your personal connection to the Divine. Our work promotes YOU and embraces all aspects of your human experience - all of it!  


I am committed to providing you an unforgettable journey into the depth and beauty of your inner Being. Our wilderness Rites of Passage quests, workshops, retreats and individual guiding sessions are designed to open the portals that lead to unliminted freedom, possibilites and joy!


When you connect to the part of you that is, and always has been, whole and complete, there is nothing that can hold you back. This is your deepest feminine essence, regardless of what has happened to you, or what you have chosen to believe about yourself.


“Love Your Body Now!" and "Wild Woman Within" workshops and retreats are an invitation into the full potential of being a woman. This work transforms your relationship with yourself, with your loved ones, and with the world.  


If you are ready to really get to it, I am here to guide you on your Vision Quest. This is deep inner work, done in nature and my own personal experience with questing was the most profound journey I have ever been on.


If you are not sure about where you are or what you are wanting, Personal Guidance is a great place to start.


Through the safety and sacredness of sisterhood, you can relax deeply into your true nature. You will recognize the preciousness of your own being, and the beauty and power that lies at the heart of every woman.

Free Discovery Session

This transforamtional work is not just about you or me.

  • I am on a mission to change how women show up in the world.

  • I am on a mission to change how women see themselves.

  • I am on a mission to change the "not-enough-ness" that too many women experience.

  • I am on a mission to create a community of women supporting women, where deep connection and support are the "norm."


If you are committed to the process of going within and are willing to do what it takes to know who you really are and do what you came here to do, I want to partner with you on this mission, not only for us --  for our daughters and our daughter's daughters. 


Fill out the form below and let's connect to get a discovery session scheduled.


​​​Radiate Beauty,
from the Inside Out

Take back your life...

Discover Your Greatest Self...

Discover the Wild Woman Within...

I have the courage to stand with you as you unravel the lies and look at the deeper truths. I have the courage to stand with you as you slay the beast that keeps you from being all that you are here to be.  I have the courage to see you and hold you in all that you are, until you are ready to see it for yourself. I have the courage to celebrate you. I've got your back if you are willing.


When you stand up to shed the masks that you wear, you gain joy and success not only in your personal relationships, but also in your financial life and your spiritual life.


I am here to guide you into you, and find your voice, your wild woman within, so that you can grow and expand, becoming the true leader that you are.


As you embody who you are as a woman, you become the feminine leader not only in the world of business, but a leader in your community and in your personal relationships.


You begin a movement of change from head to heart. And that is how we change the world.  We change it for our daughters and their daughters... and on and on and on.


There is an innate call to return to the wild woman. She longs to be heard and unleashed.  If you feel the call to listen to her and return her as your ally, let's connect.

Maria Bucaro




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